Hair, the crowning glory or the unruly mop, it’s the one area of personal style that we all want to get right. Good haircuts are really pretty non-negotiable as far as I’m concerned. Good hair days really do put a spring in your step, bad ones can make you sometimes not want to leave the house. Good hair days can come along when you really have no particular need for them, bad hair days will lurk ready to pounce when you definitely don’t need them.

The article below from showcases some gorgeous haircuts and photos from Instagram and breaks them down into the decades from 20s-50s. It makes observations about what best to go for at certain ages. It’s likely true that in your 20s anything works, even silver grey looks amazing against young glowing skin. But as we age we tend to focus more on looking ‘better’ (younger?) and great haircuts will help to give us confidence, which when it comes down to it, everyone loves to have.

beautiful mature woman with dark hair

So where does that leave the over 50s? As we progress through the years it definitely takes more effort to find out what works for us, but ultimately it comes down to making sure your hair is in the best possible condition and that you are confident with how it looks. You can then rock any haircut at any age, you do not have to be restricted by rigid rules or by being in a particular decade in your life.beautiful blonde hair

Highlighting and colouring to cover grey is both expensive and time-consuming, and as we mature, skin and eye colour tends to alter, meaning that the natural hair shade of our youth no longer compliments our overall look. So because getting it right can be challenging, is growing out the colour and embracing the grey (or silver or white,) the way to go?

There are a number of high profile models out there with beautiful silver hair,(such as Yazemeenah Rossi, check out who are really blazing a trail of how amazing a shade it can be. White or silver hair needs to be in great condition and style to look its best, just like coloured hair, so the maintenance issues don’t go away but there isn’t quite so much time and expense involved. Taking the plunge and growing out colour or highlights requires patience and confidence, but the overall consensus amongst women who have done it appears to suggest that it is a good move.

woman with beautiful silver hair

Just as an aside, silver hair sounds much prettier than grey, so maybe we need to start using silver to describe it from now on!

So once again, whatever the colour or whatever the style of haircut you can really go with the flow and continue to wear your hair however you choose, just as you always have done!

My own hair is on the fine side, and I’ve had it both shoulder-length and short over the decades. It’s taken a certain bravery for me to go from long to short but I was always happy when i did take the plunge. However, I confess it’s been many years since I last had proper short hair, and I’m currently wearing it in a longish bob with a few layers which I think works well.I have only a relatively small amount of grey, (which is entirely down to genes). Part of me does yearn for a chic short cut again and I am sure if I can pluck up the courage it will happen and I will post the photos to prove it! Right now I’m enjoying the cut and colour you see in my profile photo xx

beautiful mid adult woman