Month: October 2017

Managing Stress & Anxiety using Adaptogens

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What Are Adaptogenic Plants And Herbs?

Adaptogens are defined as a particular class of plants, mostly herbs that are able to decrease the level of stress, anxiety, fatigue and tiredness in the human body ( symptoms often associated with high levels of stress) In particular, adaptogens increase the ability of the human body to react and adapt to a wide range of stressors

Adaptogens according to their proponents, have a normalising effect on the body. This means that they don’t serve a single function, unlike many medicines and herbs, and this is what makes them unique. The belief is that adaptogens may be able to ‘adapt’ to whatever the body is dealing with (stress, anxiety, fatigue), and help alleviate or lessen the symptoms.

Adaptogens and how they can help manage stress and anxiety.

Can adaptogens help relieve the mental and physical effects of stress? We may think of stress and anxiety as being modern conditions. A by-product of today’s hectic lifestyles where we are constantly on the go, managing work inboxes, updating social media, trying to be the perfect parent and partner, whilst bottom of the list is the one about carving out some valuable time for ourselves.

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In fact the human body has always had to deal with stress, be it from wars, potentially fatal diseases, poverty, predators. So while the sources of tension and fear have changed over time, the existence of stress—and the human body’s response to it—hasn’t. (more…)

It’s Time to turn ‘Should’ into ‘Action’

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It’s Time to turn ‘Should’ into ‘Action’

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I Should have started this blog at least a year ago. It’s only now that I have taken Action and done so, that I realise how important turning Should into Action really is.

It had been buzzing around in my head for a good while that I wanted to start writing pieces for (mostly) women my age.

As you do, I kept thinking, huh, if only I had started already I would be a blogger by now. You can apply this thinking to lots of stuff as you know: diet and fitness, learning new skills, making a change in relationships etc etc. I did begin a couple of diary-type blogs but that is all they were, random musings and some unburdening of feelings. They lacked any structure, or indeed commitment to a process. I wasn’t ever planning to be accountable. They did not benefit anyone but me, so deserved to stay in the private domain. I wonder if anyone ever actually read them….

Life continued to get in the way of my starting a blog.


7 Great Beginner Yoga Poses

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How Yoga Can Help Improve Fitness and Wellbeing.

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The followingBeginner Yoga Poses will serve as a great foundation to overall fitness and wellbeing. Whether you simply do them on their own, or even better, incorporate them into a varied fitness regime, you will find them very effective and helpful to your mind and body.

Yoga is a great form of exercise, suitable for all age groups, but it is particularly beneficial for fifty-somethings. As we get older our bodies can start to bend and hunch over. Bad posture and habits can take their toll, but the strengthening and toning properties of yoga can help to re-align your body and refresh your mind as you concentrate on the individual movements. (more…)

How I Make Extra Money From Testing Websites, and How You Can Too

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How I Make Extra Money Every Month

I make regular extra money every month by testing websites for their usability. The User Testing website, is my preferred company for doing this. I discovered the User Testing site from a Pinterest post which was reviewing various work from anywhere sources of extra money.There are numerous ‘side hustles’ out there. Many of them don’t live up to their promises of being simple and lucrative. If they were, we would all be getting rich in our spare time for very little effort. (more…)