Learn How to Become a Pinterest VA

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Enrollment is now open for Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! 

This is an online course that Gina Horkey (Horkey HandBook) and Kristin Larsen (Believe in a Budget) put together based on their expertise in:

  • Pinterest management
  • Growing a successful virtual assistant business
  • Using Pinterest to significantly grow their own online presences -and-
  • Drive traffic back to their (and other client’s) websites!

Basically, they know what they’re talking about! 🤓 (more…)

How I Set Up A Website Using BlueHost and WordPress

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how i set up my blog using bluehost and wordpress

I had been thinking about setting up a self-hosted website and blog for a long time. I had a couple of starter blogs on Blogspot which were really just like random diaries. But I honestly did not know where to begin with getting a self-hosted blog going. It all felt pretty daunting. I did know that a self-hosting blog, with a purchased domain name would be the way to go if I wanted the blog to be adaptable in the future, and if I wanted to get the most of out of it with regards to visibility, search rankings, mobile-responsiveness to name just a few advantages.

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This page contains affiliate links for products all of which I have used myself and fully endorse.

I feel genuinely enthusiastic and positive about the whole setting-up process I went through to get fifty-anything up and running, so would like to share how I did it. (more…)