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Learn How to Become a Pinterest VA

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Enrollment is now open for Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! https://pinterestva.samcart.com/referral/sales-and-waitlist/oKDm5OEyQ3t1NTy3 

This is an online course that Gina Horkey (Horkey HandBook) and Kristin Larsen (Believe in a Budget) put together based on their expertise in:

  • Pinterest management
  • Growing a successful virtual assistant business
  • Using Pinterest to significantly grow their own online presences -and-
  • Drive traffic back to their (and other client’s) websites!

Basically, they know what they’re talking about! 🤓 (more…)

How I Make Extra Money From Testing Websites, and How You Can Too

work from home as a website tester

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How I Make Extra Money Every Month

I make regular extra money every month by testing websites for their usability. The User Testing website, http://www.usertesting.com is my preferred company for doing this. I discovered the User Testing site from a Pinterest post which was reviewing various work from anywhere sources of extra money.There are numerous ‘side hustles’ out there. Many of them don’t live up to their promises of being simple and lucrative. If they were, we would all be getting rich in our spare time for very little effort. (more…)