Why Your Fitness Regime Needs to Change in your Fifties

woman sitting on beach in fitness gear

The Challenges of Staying Fit in Your Fifties and Beyond

Maintaining a fitness regime is important throughout life. Whether or not you have exercised regularly over the years, once you reach your fifties and beyond, the challenges and rewards from keeping fit will become even more apparent. It really comes down to being able to adapt your fitness regime around perhaps dealing with some minor injuries, longer recovery times from exercise sessions and general feelings of apathy, which let’s face it affect us all. (more…)

Beautiful Dresses from the South of France


I’m in love with all of these beautiful dresses and accessories from Antibes-based clothing label Blue Hippy This video, showing the brand designer Geraldine modelling some of their dresses is too gorgeous not to share. It’s all in French, which I think only adds to the whole effortless chic vibe that the brand gives off in spades. Tres tres jolie!

Let’s try summer dresses, vintage print, crochet and embroidered!

For more inspiration, check out the Blue Hippy instagram feed here:

or follow them on Facebook here:

A visit to this shop is on my to-do list, but you can order from their website as they accept international orders and are super-helpful and nice too.

Here’s to a fabulous summer filled with floaty dresses!

Suzy xx