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It’s Time to turn ‘Should’ into ‘Action’

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I Should have started this blog at least a year ago. It’s only now that I have taken Action and done so, that I realise how important turning Should into Action really is.

It had been buzzing around in my head for a good while that I wanted to start writing pieces for (mostly) women my age.

As you do, I kept thinking, huh, if only I had started already I would be a blogger by now. You can apply this thinking to lots of stuff as you know: diet and fitness, learning new skills, making a change in relationships etc etc. I did begin a couple of diary-type blogs but that is all they were, random musings and some unburdening of feelings. They lacked any structure, or indeed commitment to a process. I wasn’t ever planning to be accountable. They did not benefit anyone but me, so deserved to stay in the private domain. I wonder if anyone ever actually read them….

Life continued to get in the way of my starting a blog.