15 minute workouts you can do at home

woman doing triangle yoga poseWhat are the Benefits of Doing a 15 Minute Workout?

15 minute workouts are a great addition to a fitness regime. Working out for just 15 minutes can give you such a boost both physically and mentally. It can also be a very effective use of workout minutes: a short sharp burst of activity such as Tabata or HIIT will ensure a great calorie burn which continues for up to 24 hours after the workout. 15 minutes of spot-training a particular area of the body will definitely show results if done consistently.

15 Minute Workouts are Adaptable

The beauty of doing short and focused workouts also lies in their adaptability: you can do 2 different ones: for example do your workout first thing if you are a morning person, and at then end of the day if you can make the time for a second 15 minutes go for it. The result is 30 minutes of workout likely done to maximum effort. And even if you just manage the one per day it will mount up nicely over a week, a month and a year. A consistent habit which gets results. If you aren’t up for joining a gym, either because you prefer to work out on your own, you have difficulty motivating yourself to go, or simply because it is out of your budget, then you can make this small commitment to your health and fitness which will reap rewards.

A lot of the 15 minute workouts featured do suggest that if you are feeling up to it, you can go through the entire thing again. Often the 15 minutes is enough though because you will have given it your full-on attention and effort.

I am a big fan of these short workouts because I am frequently pushed on time, and also I am in the habit of letting other things get in the way until it is almost ‘too late’ to do a workout. 15 minutes is always doable and you never ever regret working out. If I have more time I will choose to do two workouts, say one for abs and core then another for arms and shoulders.

You can of course modify pretty much all of the exercises to tie in with your fitness levels. You can also pause the video if the included rest times between moves is not enough.young fit woman with kettlebell

All of the following 15 minute workouts are free and available online.

They can be accessed either through an app, a YouTube channel or a website, depending on which workout you choose to do. I prefer to use my phone because then I can workout anywhere in the house, or outside as the mood takes me. It can be useful to run through the workout first and watch it so that you are familiar with the moves. Some of the workouts will give you a preview of the upcoming exercise in the routine, meaning you can keep going without interrupting the session.
selection of fitness equipment

5 Of The Best At Home 15 Minute Workouts

  •  CORE CRUNCH 2.0 from Nike+ Training : This app is really the best in my opinion. It has a huge range of workouts, all of them free and there are no in-app purchases or premium upgrades required. You can stream the workouts from your phone onto your TV or tablet.  You can watch a quick video demo of the move being performed, and can pause anytime in the workout if you need a break.You can choose to focus on Strength, Endurance or Mobility and there are many 15 minute workouts. There is also an option to create a 4 week workout programme, tailored to your specific fitness goals and requirements. You will not get bored using Nike+ Training, and your body will reward you for using it.
  • FREE 30-DAY HOME WORKOUT CHALLENGE from Betty Rocker. I first was introduced to her blog and videos through the  30 day challenge, which is 30 days of 15 minute workouts. Betty has an enthusiastic and bouncy style, offers modifications for every move, and each workout is different. Expect to experience everything from HIIT, Pilates, Yoga, body conditioning, and all doable in a small space such as a living room or a small outside terrace. Once you have completed 30 days you are prompted to sign-up for one of the paid programmes, but you can basically get a month of free 15 minute workouts from this which will definitely show results.
  • 15 MINUTE BEGINNER UPPER BODY WORKOUT from Pumps & Iron. Nicole from Pumps and Iron has loads of short workouts on her blog which tend to focus on specific areas and are deceptively simple- looking. They do in fact pack an incredible punch and will make your relevant muscles ache the day after. I highly recommend her shoulder and arm workouts, which alternative light and heavier weights for maximum impact. Although she does not especially do 15 minute workouts, there are plenty of 12 or 20 minute ones on offer.
  • ABSOLUTELY AWESOME ABS 7 CORE from Sworkit. Sworkit is available as a free to install app, with a premium paid option. It covers everything from building cardiovascular strength, to toning and weight loss. There is an instructor voice-over taking you through the drills, and ten seconds before the next one starts she will give you a preview of the upcoming move. You have the option to set how long you want the workout to be at the start, so any of the workouts can be done for 15 minutes or longer. I have only used the free version but find it very convenient and effective when mixed in over a week with the other workouts I do. The paid version gets plenty of rave reviews so I am considering upgrading.
  • 15 MINUTE HIIT METABOLISM BOOSTER TOTAL BODY & ABS HIIT WORKOUT from Fitness Blender. Fitness Blender offers a go-to resource for workout plans, including 500 free workout videos with fresh content added regularly. You can do a keyword search, specify a length of time, add any equipment and it will come up with suggested workouts for you. They also offer meal-plans and nutrition advice. I have yet to use Fitness Blender, having only just discovered them, but am now keen to get going as what they have to offer looks amazing!

So there you have it, my recommendations for 15 minute workouts, along with further information if you want to explore more for yourself.woman in running gear on beach

Working out at any age is to be recommended, never feel that it is too late to start, or time to call it a day. Naturally if you have any underlying health issues or concerns it is always best to check with your doctor that it is safe for you to exercise. If all is well you have no excuse not to just do it: everyone can make 15 minutes of ‘me’ time. Think of it as an unmissable appointment, schedule it in to your day. You will be so glad you did.


How do you workout? Do you prefer the gym or home? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear from you.