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It’s Time to turn ‘Should’ into ‘Action’

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I Should have started this blog at least a year ago. It’s only now that I have taken Action and done so, that I realise how important turning Should into Action really is.

It had been buzzing around in my head for a good while that I wanted to start writing pieces for (mostly) women my age.

As you do, I kept thinking, huh, if only I had started already I would be a blogger by now. You can apply this thinking to lots of stuff as you know: diet and fitness, learning new skills, making a change in relationships etc etc. I did begin a couple of diary-type blogs but that is all they were, random musings and some unburdening of feelings. They lacked any structure, or indeed commitment to a process. I wasn’t ever planning to be accountable. They did not benefit anyone but me, so deserved to stay in the private domain. I wonder if anyone ever actually read them….

Life continued to get in the way of my starting a blog.

The excuses were valid enough: working lots of hours, family dramas, not enough hours in the day. But not only that, instead of taking action I told myself that it was a waste of time anyway. There were already thousands of sleek, stylish, informed and beautifully produced blogs in existence. How did they do it? How would I ever be able to compete, or indeed have any kind of original thoughts to put out there? I was too late in getting started. I had missed the boat. I would never achieve the level of expertise they all had.

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Starting a blog stayed in the Should part of my thoughts for a long time and I let myself hang onto the excuses and gradually believe that my blog idea was not worth the effort, it would have no value, it was a waste of my time.

However, I also knew deep down that I was scared of not being successful.

I was scared of failing. I was also scared that I would get disheartened and stop before giving things a real chance. This has been a pattern in my life for many things, and I do think it is caused by fear of not living up to expectations that have been set by other people. Yes, we need the inspiration that comes from seeing what others have achieved, but it should not be the end result that we envision for ourselves.

Deep down I also really knew that if you want to make the time to do something, you always can. I was stuck in a rut of “I should”…. and “I will definitely do that soon”. This rut is a comfortable place, but like many comfortable places it eventually begins to develop niggling hard bits if you stay in it for too long. Taking action, taking the first steps are really challenging. You have to accept the likelihood of probably not being very good at something, and that improvement is going to take time and effort. This is tough to accept.desktop and notebook


The problem can be that we often compare our beginnings or efforts with other finished products out there.

Even if we understand that this is the case, the thought of the work needed to reach this level can be  daunting. But if you can just make that start, well at least you have moved beyond Should and you will probably find that you can continue progressing: sometimes tiny steps, sometimes big leaps that can surprise you. But little by little the changes will add up, almost without your noticing it.

When you really want to do something, when it is a Must, it will get done. No matter what is in your way, no matter how challenging it is going to be, if it is a Must you will do it.

I struggle with a lot of things in my life, like many people. I have things that I am proud of having achieved. There are also things that I do not chase after because I’m afraid of being rubbish at them. There is always someone out there more experienced, younger, brighter etc. than me, and my meagre efforts seem pointless somehow. Who am I trying to kid? The self-doubts run deep if you let them.

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To get back to the blog idea, yes, one day I decided to just go ahead and make a start.

Beginning from a very low base I believe I have definitely improved things here since 6 months ago when I set up the blog. I was clueless really. I have taught myself SO much it is unbelievable. Some examples of this are:

  • putting together the blog from scratch,
  • editing images, creating graphics,
  • posting the right kind of content to social media,
  • the beginnings of SEO,
  • and not least the writing of actual content.

The learning I have done so far is the tip of the iceberg. Making a start on a project like this has given me a real sense of achievement and opened my eyes to just how much the online world has to offer.

The only way you can really learn how to do something is by actually doing it.

No reading about experience is anything like as good as the actual experience. I now have a list of to-do items and objectives for the blog that I didn’t even know existed and that I didn’t know I would even want to do, until I started to put it together.

If you have one or more ‘Shoulds’ in your life it is time to start converting them into Actions.


Taking one Should and make it work. Just imagine yourself a year from now. Are you going to be stuck still thinking and not acting? Or will you have taken the plunge and achieved something, actually moved forward? Life really is incredibly short and time is too precious to waste on ‘If only…..’

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If you are looking for inspiration to take Action on, check out some ways here:

If you have any thoughts or comments please do share them in the comments.

Thanks for reading, Suzy xx