How to make Kegel Exercises Effective and Fun with the Elvie Personal Trainer

What are Kegel Muscles and Kegel Exercises?

Kegel Exercises should ideally be part of a woman’s daily routine. Kegel muscles also known as pelvic floor muscles are located between the tailbone and pubic bone.They are critical for ensuring good bladder control and also help maintain a strong and balanced core.

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Kegel Elvie Personal Trainer

You may be wondering why so much importance, time and effort should be put into making your Kegel/ pelvic floor muscles stronger, and how they came to be weakened in the first place. Various activities and milestones in a woman’s life can put stress on the pelvic floor muscles,  particularly pregnancy and labour, and even sports such as jogging or running.

As many as one in three women have ongoing problems with incontinence after their first baby – and the problem may only get worse the more children they have. As pelvic floor muscles have weakened from the strain of pregnancy and childbirth, they do not provide the support they should. Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) occurs when the pressure in the bladder wall becomes too great for the urethra (the tube through which urine passes) to withstand.

 Despite this being a very common condition, many women do little about it, or if they do seek help, struggle to get the treatment they need. A whole industry has grown up around bladder weakness with the dreaded incontinence pads being pushed at us in an attempt to normalise the problem and profit from it. Or am I simply being cynical here?

Although small compared to other muscles, the pelvic floor when strengthened, can help a lot with SUI, as well as promoting a more stable core, and an improvement in a woman’s sex life. The problem is, Kegel exercises are not easy to perform correctly: isolating these small muscles is challenging, and very often you can end up tensing your thigh muscles instead – holding your breath and achieving very little. Trying to remember to do Kegel exercises regularly enough is also quite difficult, and the lack of results makes you simply prefer to give up and hope that everything will just sort itself out without needing to do anything more about it. Just avoid jumping on a trampoline, laughing too hard or coughing, and all will be well…. ha ha. 

So what are the options if you’re bored or disillusioned with trying to do Kegel exercises but still want to strengthen the hidden  muscles of your pelvic floor?

One answer: The Elvie – an egg-shaped, sensor-packed device that’s inserted into the vagina (and removed with a small handle) and guides you through an exercise programme with the help of your smartphone. Yes. That’s right. A very Personal Trainer.

Elvie pelvic trainer and case

In this era of fitness gadgets which track our daily steps, calorie intake, sleep and heartrate, the Elvie tracks the fitness and strength of the pelvic floor muscles whilst also providing a strength training method for them.

‘The pelvic floor is the core of what makes us women and affects how we feel about ourselves,’ says Dr Tania Boler, founder of the Elvie.

She adds: ‘Kegel exercises may be the first type of exercise that comes to mind when wanting to strengthen pelvic floor muscles, but how do you know if you’re doing them correctly – or making any kind of improvement?’ 

Elvie pelvic trainer in palm of hand

How Does It Work?

Basically, you clench your pelvic floor muscles around it in five-minute workouts designed to ‘lift and tone’.

  • Elvie pelvic trainer case and smartphone

The Elvie smartphone app generates five minute workouts tailored for each individual, that focus on building up strength and control. The device contains motion sensors that indicate how your muscles are working and if they are working correctly, ie pulling up rather than pushing down. The messages are then relayed directly to your smartphone via Bluetooth to give instant feedback on your technique. Elvie’s workouts are designed in a game-like format to make strengthening muscles fun. You are basically controlling a little blue gem on the screen. You progress through different levels, and the workouts become steadily more challenging. After each five minute exercise ‘routine’ you will receive an ‘LV’ score, which gives a breakdown of your overall performance, and is stored to keep track of your improvements in muscle strength.

Elvie pelvic trainer dashboard on smartphone

In the company’s own trials 8/10 women felt improvements after using the Elvie,

My Own Experience with the Elvie

As you can see from the images, the device is attractively designed, discreet, and its functional carrying case (which also acts as its charger, with a USB cable provided) can be carried in a handbag and taken anywhere. The device also comes with an extra slip-on covering which ensures a proper fit in case you need that (I did initially, until I had been doing the exercises for a couple of weeks).

I have to confess at being rubbish at ‘doing’ pelvic floor exercises. I know how important they are but I just lack the discipline and often simply forget about them.  So when I read about Elvie I was intrigued, firstly because it fulfilled a need I had to actually get on with exercising, secondly because it was something I could in theory do anywhere and any time, and last but by no means least, it involved using my smartphone, which is always a bonus for me.

The Exercises

Unlike ‘conventional’ toners,the Elvie doesn’t buzz or vibrate (cue giggles) to let you know how you are doing, rather the correct squeezes are represented by a little blue gem on your smartphone screen.  What you will be doing is inserting the device into your vaginal passage, and going through the series of exercises. The initial set up with getting a Bluetooth connection between your smartphone and the device is straightforward. You will do the exercises whilst holding your smartphone and viewing the information feedback on the screen.

There are three different types of exercise that you do over your five minute session: Lift, Pulse and Hold (you can repeat the session as many times as you wish but quite honestly at least in the early stages, once is enough…) You will firstly be asked to do a squeeze test to find your benchmark level. This becomes your target for your current five minute session.

Lift involves keeping the gem above the line of your level for 10 seconds in the early stages. I found this one pretty ok to do:Elvie kegel workout lift screenshot

The Pulse part is the one I find more difficult as it involves squeezing and relaxing the muscles to hit a line of spaced ‘targets’ with the gem. Maybe it’s the timing and the co-ordination but I found the gem bounced between the targets and I hardly hit any at all. Elvie kegel workout pulse screenshot

The Hold part involves squeezing and keeping the gem in a circle:

Elvie Kegel workout hold move screenshot


The final exercise in the routine is another Lift exercise where you squeeze as hard as you can and attempt to push the gem up through increasing levels: imagine one of those old-fashioned fairground attractions where you hit a hammer and watch how high up the tower it goes. The idea is that you increase your level and improve every time:

Elvie kegel workout LVS level screenshot

At the end of the five minute routine you will get the summary of how well (or otherwise) you have done:

Elvie kegel workout results screenshot As you can see from my screenshot, I got a strength LVs of 61 and also a Keep Trying in the Pulse section!

At this stage you are given the chance to repeat the workout, with the aim of further improving your performance. However, I would say here that little and often are the way to go, and I stick with doing the routine through just the once for now.

The programme can move you quite quickly through the levels, which means things can become challenging (which is probably a good thing ) and can take a bit of adjusting to. I found that I was not always consistently improving as I could feel tired one day and not perform as well as previously. One thing it did flag up for me was a tendency to hold my breath whilst doing the squeezes: once you are having to do a Hold for 30 seconds as opposed to 10 seconds  you realise that you will need to normalise your breathing whilst performing the exercises – another good thing to learn.

However the important thing is to persist with the routine, and feel confident that you are at last doing the  Kegel exercises properly. After one month of use, my pelvic floor muscles were stronger and more toned, I could definitely feel the difference from their previous state.

The Elvie is convenient and easy to use, and you will definitely start to feel improvements in a couple of weeks. It’s challenging, but in a thoroughly productive way, and you are reassured by having a visual representation on your smartphone screen that you are doing the exercises correctly.

The Elvie currently costs £169 in the UK, which is comparable to a decent fitness tracker. It also comes with a two year warranty. They do run discount promotions from time to time, which is how I bought mine, so it is worth checking out their website here: which will also give further information and glowing testimonials!

It isn’t a quick fix solution of course, like any exercise regime, it doesn’t do the work for you and you will need to use it consistently,but it does make sure that your efforts are rewarded with results because of its visual ‘game’ format, and it’s fun and easy to use.

I expect the improvements I have already noticed to continue with regular use of the Elvie. The combination of its ease of use, visual representation and reassurance that the exercises are being done correctly, plus the short time needed to complete a session, means it works for me, and I believe it would do for other women as well.

I highly recommend it. Squeeze the moment! You won’t regret it.



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  1. Wow. This is not new as I’ve used yoni eggs before but I think the fact that it connects with the smart phone rubs me the wrong way. Lol. Kegel exercises is extremely important though. It really helps perserve ans strengthen your womb energy as well from a yoga standpoint.

    • Hi Lashaun, Thanks for your comment. Very interesting to hear about using yoni eggs as I haven’t come across them before. I can fully appreciate your not liking the smartphone aspect but it works for me because I have always had trouble doing these exercises correctly. Also interesting to hear about the womb energy side of things!

    • Hi Helene, it is quite revolutionary, the exercises really are important ones to do, and I think the yoga will be a great help too. Good luck with your new regime!

    • Hi Jeannine, ha ha exactly that, these are the kinds of exercises we will be grateful for when old! It is a very discreet device and I really have benefitted from using it. I did not pay full price for it, so it is worth looking out for a deal if you ever decide to buy it. Best wishes, Suzy

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