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Hi there!  It’s great to meet you here and thanks so much for dropping by!

This is where I should share some stuff about me then… goes: I am a fifty-something woman with the obligatory busy life. I work part (nearly full) time in marketing and new business development, and am a married mother to twin boys who are at the time of writing aged 19 – hard for me to believe but if I have aged then so have my babies!

I want to help women like me and my friends both online and offline to experience the best there is in Wellness, Fitness, and overall Lifestyle. A blog seems to be a good place to get the ball rolling with that. I hope to post topics of interest to women of all ages, but particularly relevant to those of us who have reached fifty and beyond.

So maybe you’re a fifty-something too? Last time I checked I was about 34 so like many of us I have found it hard to take in that I got to this stage in life in what seems like the blink of an eye. Maybe just as I do, you think gosh why did I not appreciate being that young when I actually was? Truth is, when we are young and in good health we tend to take our age for granted. Fast-forward 20 years and suddenly every year starts to count.

The great news is that it’s a good time to be alive whatever your age but particularly in your fifties and beyond for women.  Nowadays we are able to define ourselves in any way we want to, which has inspired me to name my blog

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I guess in a way this blog will track my own personal journey, as they say you should write about what you know, as well as providing a service to readers. My recent concerns have been maintaining a mental and physical balance whilst going through a trying time in real life. So I have been exploring topics new to me such as meditation, relaxation techniques, and even Feng Shui. The latter is helping with de-cluttering my home, improving the energy flow there and creating a less-stressful environment. In a way, I am having to re-wind the last few years to break some patterns that have not been positive, if that makes sense? I am determined to get things on a better path for the future – there is no time like the now!

Along with this path to overall self-improvement, I am actively looking for ways to raise my standard of living, so you will find on the blog examples of courses I have done, and sources of extra income that have worked out for me.

I have enjoyed being involved with social media for years: I was an early adopter of Instagram, Pinterest (back when you had to apply for an invitation to join! I know….) and What’s App. Facebook and Twitter are in my DNA. I’m lucky enough to have a job working for web designers and graphic designers, so I get to experience the positive and transforming effects of the digital world every day. Trust me, it never ever gets boring, there is always something new out there.

I love being outdoors in the stunning countryside where we live. I’m very keen on exercise and working out, which I do entirely from home: hiking, biking, a little yoga, and numerous online workouts.

I’m passionate about the digital world. I have endless curiosity and a quest for knowledge. I want to learn something new every day and my hope is to share my findings in ways which are helpful, inspirational and fun.

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P.S. The photo at the top shows me in Switzerland at the summit of the Jungfrau which is 4,158 metres (13,642 ft) high! There is a wonderful train that takes you up there, and if you are lucky enough to be there on a clear day, as I was, this is what you will see. I love mountains!